Practice Record of Undergraduate Students of Energy College at Ningde Nuclear Power Station in 2018
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     From July 15 to July 28, 48 undergraduate students of the College of Energy, led by three teachers, Dong Shigang, Zheng Jianxiang and Wu Yichun, went to Ningde Nuclear Power Station in Fujian Province to carry out a two-week practice.

     Practice is an important part of education for students majoring in engineering. Leaders of Energy College attach great importance to it. They specially convene meetings to deploy related work, and make detailed arrangements for time, attendance, performance evaluation, leading teachers and financial support of the practice. Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. alo pays great importance to the practice activities of undergraduates in Ningde Nuclear Power Station. The Ningde Nuclear Power Training Department arranges and coordinates the work regarding practice in Ningde Nuclear Power Station, and makes overall arrangements in accommodation, transportation, curriculum organization, teacher allocation, internship department and teacher arrangement.

     On July 15, the students arrived at the Ningde Nuclear Power Station. Due to the safety issue and the housing shortage at the site, the company could not arrange accommodation at the station, but at Taimushan Town, which is more than 10 kilometers away from the site of the nuclear power station, so students had to commute to and from the site every day. On July 16, the students formally started the practice of Ningde Nuclear Power Station. Ningde Nuclear Power Training Department held a solemn and simple meeting. The manager of the training department attended and gave a speech. The manager first introduced the escape route and safety tips of the meeting place, which helped the students have a preliminary understanding about the safety culture of the nuclear power station. Secondly, manager Bi warmly welcomed the arrival of students from Xiamen University. They put forward requirements and hopes in the practice of Ningde Nuclear Power, and wished all a pleasant study in Ningde Nuclear Power. At the meeting, the students introduced themselves and expressed their expectations for the coming internship life. Lu Ning and Yang Shuangfa, engineers of the Training Department, introduced the two-week internship arrangement to the students. In the first week, the students will conduct theoretical training, and in the second week, they will enter 11 production departments to follow their teachers for one-on-one internship. They are reminded that students must wear seven sets of safety shoes, safety hats, safety ropes, work clothes, goggles, earplugs and anti-skid gloves, etc when entering the nuclear power plant site. After the meeting, the students received labor insurance supplies.

     On the same day, President Li Ning, together with General Manager Jiang Xinghua of Ningde Nuclear Power, went to Ningde Nuclear Power Station to attend the signing ceremony of Letter of intent for cooperation between the College of Energy, Xiamen University and Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. to establish a long-term strategic partnership and unveil the Practice Base of Xiamen University Energy College and Digital Instrument Control Joint Laboratory.

     President Li Ning and students visited Ningde Nuclear Power EI Exhibition Hall to have a overall understanding on the principles of nuclear power generation and the development process of Ningde Nuclear Power, experienced VR, boarded the 88-meter viewing platform, overlooked the whole Ningde Nuclear Power Station, and took a photo in front of the EI Exhibition Hall. Then they visited the nuclear power simulator.

     From the afternoon of July 16 to July 20, the students and the leading teachers conducted theoretical training together. They have taken courses such as Ningde Nuclear Power Talents Training System, Zhongguang Nuclear Enterprise Culture, Nuclear Power Station Entry Safety, Theory of Preventing Human Errors, Nuclear Safety Culture and Basic Knowledge Theory of Nuclear Power. There were some tests for certain courses, and only the qualified students were allowed to enter the site. After a week of theoretical study, students have a preliminary but comprehensive understanding of Ningde nuclear power, especially nuclear safety.

     From July 23 to July 27, according to the internship plan, students were assigned to 11 departments, including Electrical Department, Production Service Department, Instrument Control Department, Nuclear Safety and Licensing Department, Technology Department, Machinery Department, Contract Purchasing Department, Training Department, Equipment Management Department, Chemistry and Environmental Protection Department, Engineering Reform Department and so on, to conduct one-on-one internship with their teachers. Students entered into the teachers' office to learn about the business scope, work responsibilities, operation process, office culture of various production departments, attended department meetings, participated in pre-trade unions, followed the teacher into the workshop, visited the production site of nuclear power plants and understood various production equipment. Through on-site practice, students have a more intuitive and profound understanding of the power generation process of nuclear power plants, as well as a more thorough understanding of the knowledge obtained in the classroom.

     On July 27, college party secretary Sun Ziguang made a special trip to Ningde Nuclear Power Station to visit the interns. In the morning, when Secretary Sun arrived at Ningde Nuclear Power Station, he went into the internship Department of the students, carefully inquired about and the students' internship and living conditions, encouraged the students to learn from their teachers, effectively combined the knowledge obtainedin school with the practice, and made great efforts to improve their knowledge level, so as to lay a good foundation for entering the society and participating in the work in the future. Secretary Sun held a discussion with the teachers of the internship department and expressed appreciation to them for their careful guidance and selfless care. Under the leadership of the teachers, the students recognized the actual production and personally perceived the particularity of the nuclear power plant production activities, which would have a positive impact on their future development.

     On the afternoon of July 27, Secretary Sun Ziguang, manager of training department Bi Yecheng, the representative of teacher, Zhou Feng, and engineer Zhao Ziquan, as well as51 interns from Xiamen University attended the practice summary meeting. At the meeting, representatives of 11 internship departments made a report about their practice in the past two weeks, focusing on their respective gains and perceptions. In their speech, the students expressed their respect and recognition for the corporate culture of doing things well once of China-Guangzhou Nuclear Power Group, recalled their personal experience during the internship period, and understood how Ningde Nuclear Power combined the concept of safety into the practice of safety and how to transform this concept and practice into a high degree of self-awareness. The students also expressed their sincere thanks to Ningde Nuclear Power Company for the support during the past half month. The representative of the teacher said that the teachers highly praised and affirmed all the students' earnest and rigorous working attitude and eager learning spirit during their internship. He also hoped that in the near future, all the students would find their desired positions and continue to shine with a conscientious working attitude. Then, the manager Bi Yecheng praised the outstanding performance of the energy students during the internship. He hoped that all the students could realize how an enterprise operated from the overall situation through this internship. He also expressed his enthusiasm that the station was like a big family and expressed welcome to all the students to come back and see whether they wereengaged in the nuclear power industry or not in the future. Secretary Sun Ziguang made a final summary speech. First of all, he thanked Ningde Nuclear Power for its strong support and selfless dedication to the internship work of Xiamen University Energy College students in the past three years. With the help of Ningde Nuclear Power, the internship work was successfully completed in 2018. With the joint efforts of both the university and the enterprise, the cooperation between Xiamen University and Ningde Nuclear Power was deepening and the internship form was gradually standardized. With the long-term strategic partnership just established, the cooperation between the two sides will surely be deepened. Secretary Sun expressed his satisfaction with the students' two-week internship performance. He hoped that all the students would start with their outlook on life and values and put forward higher requirements for themselves. He encouraged them to continue to carry forward the spirit of pursuing excellence proposed by Ningde Nuclear Power in their future study and work life, achieve greater achievements and take every step of life well.

     Through practical activities, students have a deeper understanding of nuclear power, more confidence in nuclear safety, and they are positive about the future of China's nuclear power, and have more confidence in their own future development. Student Mao Yu said, Thank you for the support of the teachers and Ningde nuclear power workers in the past two weeks. We have experienced a unique internship. Thank you, Master, for your tireless explanation of knowledge and answers to our various questions, so that we can get a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of everything in the nuclear power plant. Teachers are not only kind and lovely, but also knowledgeable, conscientious, rigorous and responsible. Every part of Ningde Nuclear Power seems insignificant, but indispensable. Every screw cannot be cut or loosened, so that the machinery can operate normally and permanently. In this short internship period, I really feel the power of knowledge, only continuous learning can make things better, help myself grow! I think I will remember this summer and everything here.” Guo Shuyue also said: In the practice of more than ten days, the learning content involves the operation and maintenance of switching station circuit, transformer, distribution panels, distribution boxes and frequency converters of steam turbine plant. I have a quite a busy internship under the guidance of my masterThe working mode of everyone is similar, morning meeting, weekly meeting, reporting daily, weekly work and matters needing attention. If there is relevant work, then fully armed under the scene, otherwise fill in the office report, summary and other paperwork. Although  in one office and one department, they come from different professional backgrounds. When they are in the office, they often hear the inquiry and discussion of procedures and guidelines. With the master to deal with the situation on the spot and taking tickets to work on the site, I must prepare folders and we need to start construction after repeated careful confirmation towards the work package and tickets, It's a rigorous job!”

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