Students of our college did well in the Energy Environmental Protection Innovation Competition
Time:2017-11-30   Visits:107

Recently, "Aramco Asian Cup" Energy Environmental Protection Innovation Competition Xiamen University finals ended successfully at the Science and Technology Center. Students in our college were particularly outstanding in this contest. The entries got one of the first prize of practice group (20,000 yuan), one of the second prize of science group (15,000 yuan) and one of the third class of practice group (10,000 yuan), one of the third class of science group (10,000 yuan) and another eight entries won the award (2000 yuan / bonus).

Among them, the 2015 undergraduates You Jiabin team "Island Distributed Off-grid Power Generation System Innovation Project" won the first prize of social practice group, 2014 undergraduates Wang Wei team "building distributed energy system planning and evaluation software core Algorithm Development "project won the second prize of science group. Project of "Sharing Plan, Green Trip - Sharing New Energy Vehicles" project of 2016 undergraduates Hu Xueya team and the project of "Design and Synthesis of High Performance Hydrogen-SCR Low Temperature Denitrifying High Efficient Catalysts" by Tong Jiaoning team of 2015 undergraduates respectively won the third prize of social practice and science group. The quality and quantity of the entries in our college are both the highest in all participating colleges.

In recent years, energy students have made great achievements in scientific and technological innovation competitions and made outstanding achievements in numerous national and university-wide student competitions. The science and technology creation atmosphere of the college is getting stronger day by day. The conditions for science and technology creation have been gradually improved, and the science and innovation culture has gradually taken shape. The effectiveness of science education has been significantly improved.

Build a platform, the college boost science and innovation. The college attaches great importance to the scientific and creative work of college students, and takes it as an important measure to cultivate college personnel. Through such measures as establishing systems, building positions, building platforms and building brands, the college vigorously advocates and promotes scientific and technological innovation and fosters creativity and creativity among undergraduates’ spirit.

Teachers guide the science and innovation. Professional teachers involved in guiding scientific and technological innovation, which is an important measure to promote the work.

Students immersed in science and technology. College introduced undergraduate scientific research training management system, to encourage undergraduates to enter the research group from the first grade to participate in scientific research and training.

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