The Wonderful Interpretation of “Ammonia Energy and Related Efficient Thermal and Power System” By Professor Wang Zhaolin
Time:2017-09-30   Visits:82

        At noon on September 29th, Wang Zhaolin, the Minjiang scholar and distinguished Professor, brought an academic exchange entitled “Ammonia Energy and Related Efficient Thermal and Power System” for all staff of our college.


Professor Wang made “Never seek temporary economic growth at the expense of the environment.” which was put forward by Chairman Xi as the start to expound the rapid growth of the energy demand in our country nowadays and serious situation of energy security and environmental pollution. Then he put forward his views that under the current situation in our country, ammonia energy was clean, economical, affordable, safe and renewable and under the support of related technology in the world, ammonia fuel can be marketed in the short to medium term.

In addition, Professor Wang reported on the study of ammonia fuel in Xiamen University. From his perspective, ammonia fuel was in line with China’s national conditions and our country was fully equipped with the ability and conditions to industrialize ammonia fuel technology in the short to medium term, so we should catch up with the trend and be the leader in ammonia fuel technology area.

After the interaction among the participants, the academic exchange ended in a round of applause.

Since 2016, College of Energy has successfully held 4 academic exchanges among faculties which enhance mutual understanding among all disciplines and facilitate the complementary advantages within the colleges.

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