"Yuanmeng Plan" Summer School of our college was held successfully
Time:2017-07-10   Visits:24

    On July 3rd afternoon, opening ceremony of “Yuanmeng Plan” Summer School of our college officially opened in Hemu Building, Room A221. Miao Huifang, vice party secratary of our college and Zhang Ling, teaching secretary, together with representives from other school and students of each grade attended this ceremony, which was hosted by Zhang Yu, an undergraduate enrolled in 2015.


    At the beginning of the ceremony, Miao Huifang gave a speech, emphasizing that although the school was held for the first time, and we had few experience, we had heartily support from all kinds of outstanding talents of each grade from College of Energy, College of Environment and Ecology, International College and other colleges. At the same time, she expressed her hope that we can gain some experience so that holding a better school next year. At last, she gave her blessing to all the students, hoping that everyone can have fun studying, set a life goal during practice and make it perfect, and improve our qualities to realize our dreams.


    Then there came Zhang Ling’s introduction about this activity. She stated that Yuanmeng Plan’’ is aimed to help students realize their dreams by cooperating with energy-related companies. Through organizing students to participate in lectures, seminars, science-related activities,society practice activities, and to visit companies and work there, the plan can help open up students’ horizons and improve their qualities, cultivating innovative and practical talented person needed by our country. She also introduced the main schedule of the activity in brief. The schedule was highly praised by students.


    Finally, it was the allocation of students. Students looked for their partners according to the roll list, and then they chatted with each other with pleasure after short self-introduction.


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