K-O2 battery: the principle and challenges
Time:2017-05-28   Visits:86

At the invitation of Institute of Chemical Energy Study, the famous materials scientist Prof. Wu Yiying visited the college on May 24th. He was invited to give the 57th Energy Forum on “K-O2 battery: the principle and challenges”. Prof. Gong Zhengliang presided over the forum. Before the forum, Prof. Guo Qixun introduced the current study situation of our college to Prof. Wu.


Prof. Wu shared the latest achievements of energy conversion and storage material. Starting with the fundamental scientific problems of energy field, Prof. Wu researched and developed new-typeK-O2 battery. It has a list of advantages like low cost, high energy density, SEI membrane available, environmentally friendly and no catalyst, are expected to change the mode of energy storage and usage. Furthermore, Prof. Wu showed the research progress of solar energy metal-air battery, which possesses the function of solar energy harvesting and storage, providing the basis of developing low-cost renewable energy.

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