Talking about Energy Economics------The 56th Energy Forum
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At 7.30 p.m., 23rd of May, the 56th Energy Forum, organized by the Department of Academy, was held in A221. As a main after-class academic activity of students of our college, the Energy Forum aims at improving students’ understanding to our major by inviting teachers from different fields to give lectures, especially students from lower grades. This time, Mr. Huang Guangxiao was invited to share knowledge of energy economics with us. The theme of the forum was Energy Economics, a new theme that was divided into four parts: introduction of XMU China Energy Economics Research Centre, research content of Energy Economics, research direction of Energy Economics and theoretical practice of Energy Economics.


At the beginning, Mr. Huang humorously introduced his history of schooling and experience of entering the field of energy economics, which drew our attentionimmediately. Then he concisely introduced XMU China Energy Economics Research Centre. Being a crossed new subject at leading edge, Energy Economics, consisting of Economics, Management, Energy Technology and Resources and Environment, conforms to energy situation in China and urgently needs to be developed. After that, Mr. Huang introduced the content and method of Energy Economics. He listed some research projects of XMU China Energy Economics Centre, covering many local and national energy enterprises. In the end, Mr. Huang focused on explaining theoretical practise of energy economics, including carbon emissions and trading, the application of energy economics in national economy and new energy policy related subsides. He also analysed electricity research projects in Fujian province and introduced electricity economy monitoring and warning system, giving us deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Energy Economics.


After the lecture, many classmates actively asked questions about today’s forum. Mr. Huang patiently answered all and gave his own advice.

(Liao Chenlei)

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