Research status and Prospect of ammonia energy ——a review of the Fifty-Fifth Energy Forum
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At half past seven on May 4th in the evening, the Academic Fepartment organized the Fifty-Fifth Energy Forum in Room A221. The event invited Professor Wang Zhaolin from Institute of Energy Efficiency Engineering, the theme of the forum for research status and prospect of ammonia energy. The forum mainly introduces the concept and characteristics of ammonia energy, as well as the research results and status at home and abroad. Professor Wang Zhaolin’s report is divided into China’s energy security and pollution emissions, the characteristics of ammonia fuel, China’s advantages in the field of ammonia fuel, as well as the prospects of ammonia fuel and other parts.


At the beginning of the forum, Professor Wang Zhaolin first pointed out the energy environment problems facing China and the corresponding pressure. China’s energy usage has increased by three times over the past fifteen years, and its dependence on oil has also been rising. With the continuous development of the economy, the traffic pressure increases, and the environmental pollution is serious. Professor Wang Zhaolin mentioned that China’s future development, including how to solve the problems of energy dependence, is the responsibility of every citizen, and this pressure has gradually shifted to the new generation.

Next, the teacher cuts into the ammonia fuel subject. Professor Wang Zhaolin introduces that, from the characteristics of ammonia fuel, the air-fuel ratio of ammonia is low, which means that in the same amount of air can provide more energy, it can be used as a high power fuel. Meanwhile, the heat loss ratio of ammonia combustion is much lower than that of gasoline and hydrogen, which means that the heat loss of high temperature nitrogen gas will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the total amount of exhaust gas after ammonia combustion is the least, and there is no carbon dioxide emission. From a security perspective, he pointed out that the accident casualties caused by comparing fuel and ammonia, the possibility of fire and explosion of ammonia fuel is very low, the accident mortality rate is less than five percent of gasoline, and the human sense of smell is sensitive to ammonia, such as the leakage can be detected immediately.


Professor Wang Zhaolin then mentioned that ammonia fuel is in favor of the Chinese. The energy structure of China and the trend of the world is not the same, but the global ammonia production of China occupies half of the country, with ammonia plants all over the country, at the same time, ammonia transport system and distribution network in the world can be said to be the most perfect.

So what is the situation in the market for ammonia fuel? Professor Wang Zhaolin lists, from the beginning of last century 60s, ammonia fuel is from army use to civilian use, is gradually market-oriented. In order to cope with the oil crisis, the United States has successfully developed ammonia fuel supersonic aircraft, and Russia has developed ammonia fuel rocket engines in recent years. Many Japanese and South Korean car companies have also developed and developed ammonia fuel vehicles. In many developed countries farms have begun to make use of wind energy and solar energy to produce ammonia fuel and ammonia fertilizer. In the end, Professor Wang Zhaolin demonstrated projects in the field of ammonia fuel in major universities in recent years.

After the end of the report, the students actively put forward questions, Professor Wang Zhaolin answered one by one for students’ doubts as a complete conclusion for this forum.

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