The Reflection of Energy and Nuclear Power - the 54th Energy Forum
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At 7.30 p.m., 19th April, the 54th Energy Forum, organized by Academic Department, was held in A221. Mr. Huang Zijing from Nuclear Energy Research Institute was invited to give the speech, whose theme was “The Reflection of Energy and Nuclear Power”. The forum aimed at exchanging ideas about the energy risk that modern society faced and sharing recognition about the development of nuclear power.


Mr. Huang began the forum with his participation in the 1st Energy Forum, which, immediately, drew students’ attention. Afterwards, Mr. Huang showed us a map of the world about the emissions of carbon dioxide. Dramatic increase of the emissions was caused because of the increase of human movement and the pursuit for higher quality of life. In order to guarantee people’s life, abundant electricity supply is necessary, which is mostly at the cost of consuming non-renewable energy. At the same time, the environment of our earth is also facing problem, like the risk of losing species, natural disaster, global warming and so on.

When it comes to China, Mr. Huang said, carbon dioxide emissions of China has been the largest in the world, more than the emissions of the USA in the early 2005. Mr. Huang pointed out that non-renewable energy in China relied on thermal power too much, which brought serious carbon dioxide emissions and environmental pollution. And people started to reflect on this. A series of things, from the Copenhagen Conference to the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference, have showed that the effective solution to current energy risk is replacing traditional fossil energy with clean energy. Compared with other kind of energy, only nuclear power can realize large-scale power generation steadily, and benefit human a lot in the future.

Mr. Huang used his humorous words and rich knowledge and gave us an excellent speech. In the end, he answered all the questions that students asked.


(Liao Chenlei)

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