The Fifty-second Energy Forum: TRIZ, the golden key to solving inventive problem
Time:2017-03-23   Visits:183

      On March 18th 2017, we were honor to have doctor YongWei Sun as our keynote speaker of the Energy Forum in HeMu building room A221 at 7:30pm. Doctor YongWei Sun is the vice president of the international TRIZ Association and the member of its presidium. He mainly focused on four parts to delivered his speech. They can be summed up as five questions:What is the dilemma of the traditional way to innovation, What is TRIZ, What is the theoretical framework and main tools of nowadays TRIZ, What is the development status of TRIZ in well-known company, What is the challenge of TRIZ and the strategy to face the challenge.


      TRIZ is a theory to solve inventive problem. Doctor Sun analyzed the TRIZ theory and gave out the reason why TRIZ is efficient, practical and exercisable by making examples like the way to deseed the pimientos, the renewal of keyboard etc. Besides, doctor also introduced how to use TRIZ to solve the contradiction in engineering parameter derivation.

      During the Forum we had a really great atmosphere of communication with many quizzes and discussions between doctor Sun and our attendees. At the end of the Forum doctor Sun provided his contact information and a platform for TRIZ lovers to gain further study.

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