Nanotechnology and Self-driven system——The Fifty-third Energy Forum
Time:2017-04-01   Visits:158

On March 29th in HeMu building, the fifty-third Energy Forum was held by Academic Apartment, which was given by Xie Yannan. This forum aimed at giving an introduction of nanotechnology and self-driven system.


By virtue of knowledge and experience, Mr. Xie elaborated his ideas in an attractive and concise way, which created a relaxing atmosphere.

The speech was mainly divided into four parts, including the introduction of Institute for Energy Efficiency Engineering, nano energy, self-driven system and some tips for college students.

The mission of EEE Institute is to conduct and promote R&D in energy efficiency across different sectors, including industrial, building, transportation, economics and management.

To introduce nano energy and self-driven system, Mr. Xie gave us a description about the background, fundamental knowledge, design of instruction and latest achievement of nano energy and self-driven system.

Then Mr. Xie passed on his wisdom to us by suggesting college students to set a life goal, pay attention to our lessons and academic research and so on.

After the speech, Mr. Xie answered our questions patiently, which drew to a successful conclusion to the Forum.


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