Literature search and TOEIC tests ——The 51st Energy Forum
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On March 9th 2017, at 7:30 in the evening, there was an Energy Forum held by Academic Department at Room A221. Zhou Rong, a senior who was from College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering was invited to give a lecture on literature search and TOEIC tests.

At the beginning of the forum, Mr. Zhou made a few brief comments about himself. He had his undergraduate degree and master's degree both in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering in Xiamen University and now he stayed in Xiang’an Campus for scientific researches. Then the formal lecture began.


Firstly, Mr. Zhou talked about some tips on how to quickly find the literature (print & digital) you need in the library. The most useful one was the classification numbers of the books. As for us, the book whose classification number was zero was the one we usually need, such as mathematics, physical sciences and chemistry. And the Call Number couldn’tbe ignored either.

But in the Information Age, the electronic literature could be more important. Mr. Zhou recommended Baidu Wenku to us, where lots of papers could be downloaded for free by Bingdian, a kind of APP. And in CNKI, we could download the papers for free which have been bought by our university. And MedaLink, a resource platform for many libraries and colleges was also a wonderful choice. Scifinder and SCI-HUB were good for finding English literatures.

The second part focused on TOEIC which was the largest exam for business and professional English. So, it was more suitable for the students who wanted to work in foreign company and large state enterprise after graduation. TOEIC could be divided into speaking, writing, listening and reading which asked more in speed and accuracy. And Mr. Zhou suggested trying it in the second semester of Sophomore or in Junior.

At the end of the forum, there was a Question Time. In an atmosphere of joy, the forum came to a happy termination.

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