The Forty-Fourth Energy Forum-Ammonia Fuel Revolutionized the Energy of China
Time:2016-11-02   Visits:119

On October 21st 2016 in HeMu building,the forty-fourth Energy Forum was held by Academic Apartment and Technology Association, which was hosted by Liao Chenlei and was given by Mr. Zheng Songsheng. This forum aimed at making an introduction of ammonia fuel, which is a project seminar as well. The students who are interested in it are able to participate in the teacher’s team afterwards.

Mr. Zheng attracted our eyes with his gentle voice and attractive topic. The content was divided as follows: the safety of China’s energy and the solution to emissions; the advantaged performance of ammonia fuel; the reservation of ammonia fuel; the marketization of ammonia fuel and the present research plan.


With the introduction of Mr. Zheng, the 65% oil imported demand indicates the tough situation of China’s energy safety, plus the increasing need of cars and the severity of air pollution. Nevertheless, the use of ammonia fuel will bring about a seismic shift. It is economical, cheap, safe, clean and recyclable, which has a nickname of “another hydrogen”. China has about a third of the world's ammonia deposits, ammonia synthesis plants spread across the country and its transportation system and distribution network have a small scale. With their keen eyes, the teachers of our college have discovered its potential value, and form a professional team to research, which is led by “Minjiang Scholar” Wang Zhaolin.


After the lecture, we raised questions towards Mr. Zheng with enthusiasm, for instance, how to settle the pungent off-gas when the ammonia burns and the cost of it. Mr. Zheng answered these questions with patience. After the forum, several students contacted with him in the active atmosphere, which gave the activity a perfect finish.


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