Successfully opening of national excellent college students summer camps of the College Of Energy——Xiamen University
Time:2016-07-14   Visits:84

   On July 13th, 50 excellent undergraduate students coming from nearly 30 colleges and universities around the country gathered at College of Energy to attend the summer camp of College of Energy at Xiamen University.

   All of them will be here for four days to take part in the summer-camp activities. The camp aims to expand the influence of our college, arouse the students’ interest in the energy sciences and improve their understanding of College of Energy at Xiamen University so as to attract and select excellent undergraduates.

   It took us half a year to prepare for the summer camp,during which  related departments and college leaders offered vigorous support. With the great efforts of our college, the number of universities and students who signed up for the summer camp of our college has a dramatically rising. 

   With the organizer’s careful preparation, we arranged various interesting activities such as test, expert lectures, supervisor meetings, creative experiments, campus sightseeing, culture communication, etc. So we can comprehensively show our strengths to everyone and the participants can have a deep understanding of our college so as to gain more in less time.

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