The Summer Camp for National Outstanding College Students Summer Camp in Our College of Energy hasHas Successfully Concluded
Time:2016-07-19   Visits:98

To promote the communication of the outstanding students from colleges and universities around the country, and provide more chances for them to learn more about nuclear engineering and materials, energy chemical industry, PVindustry, PV engineering and so on., the College of Energy-Energy at Xiamen University has held a summer camp in Xiang’an Campus from July 13th to 16th., 2016.

On the morning of July 13th, participants of the summer camp have arrived one after the otheranother. Our teachers and graduates volunteered to welcome greet them and help them to move into the dormitory.

On the morning of July 14th, the participants took  the a test of in our college. After that, the leaders and teachers of our college took a photo for memory with them.

On the afternoon of July 14th, the participants took part in some several academic lectures, which were given by Wang Zhaolin, Guo Qixun, Cheng Qijin, Gong Zhengliang, and Liu Jian. All of these teachers has indicated the future of the area of energy industry to help the participants learn more about the area field of energy better.

During the interview process, the participants talked with the teachers face to face and by this knew more about their majors. Then, they got the chance to visit the laboratories and learned a lot there.

On July 16th, the participants were brought to the Jiannan Hall in Siming Campus to take part in the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, there were many art performances, great lectures and the speeches of the student delegates. Then, with the help of the tour guide, they got to know the long history and the distinctive features of Xiamen University.

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