Social Practice in Qingtian
Time:2016-07-22   Visits:121

On July 1, the social practice team named FSF led by teacher Cao Liuxuan came to Qingtian Food Industry Co, Ltd. As far as we know, Qingtian plays a leading role in agricultural enterprises in Xiamen with an annual exportation of over 20,000 tons.

Qingtian produces and sells every kind of vegetables, aquatic products and processed foods. It mainly focuses on food preservation, quick-frozen processing and food export. On arriving at the company, we were warmly greeted by vice-president Sun and vice-director Yang. To our surprise, Mr. Sun was a graduate from Xiamen University.

Later, two managers showed us around their production workshop and told us how the company operates. The factory regulates the temperature according to different types of vegetables for preservation. Then we introduced to them the principles and application of radio technology, and they were very impressed and showed great interest. In addition, we visited the production workshops and cold storage rooms.

Even though we were tired from the trip to Tong’an, the social practice satisfied our curiosity and desire for food preservation. Reward outweighs the pay. To better understand the demand of food preservation, we will keep trying and continue to play our due role. 

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