A Visit to Xiamen Seashine Group Co., Ltd
What do you know about aquaculture?
Time:2016-07-14   Visits:139

On July 14, Teacher Cao Liuxuan led the social practice team members to Xiamen Seashine Group Co., Ltd, which is one of the best state aquaculture companies with an annual turnover of over one billion. On arriving at the company, we were briefly introduced to the company’s profile. We know that the company is mainly engaged in aquatic products processing. Coming through the employee locker room and the sterilization chamber, we reached the production workshop. Various manufacturing processes are being carried out in different workshops. Batches of frozen aquatic products were brought into the workshop. Because the moratorium is currently in the state , the workload is relatively small.

Following the receptionist, we came to see two huge refrigerators weighing ten thousand tons, in which a great variety of fresh products were frozen to prevent the bacteria from living. The temperature of -20℃ forced us to back out quickly.

We came to know that the way of food preservation in this company is freezing and steam-based cooking. How much does such traditional ways of preservation cost on human consumption, electricity and money? Our team members present their doubts aiming to understand more about the advantages of irradiation technology, hoping that our technology could be adopted by large enterprises.

The trip was well worth our efforts. We have gained sound knowledge about the way of food preservation. We shall keep working for the safety of the food.

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