The Social Practice Team “Daodian” from Xiamen University Finished Their First Research Activity
Time:2016-07-15   Visits:78

On the morning of July 15, 2016, a group of students from College of Energy at Xiamen University came to Xiamen Dokemo Solar Technology Co., Ltd to conduct an investigation for their social practice which aims to gain the knowledge of the current research in micro-grid technology. The company's chairman Wang Shengfeng conducted a discussion with the social practice team.

The team chose the company which has an in-depth study of micro-grid technology. The company has been working on the micro-grid system on islands for years and has made great accomplishments. The team also learnt how the island micro-grid operated on the computer.

We also learned about the company's own construction of the zero-energy buildings. By combining solar panels and energy storage system, the building is capable of building independent power off the grid. 

The team learned a lot from Chairman Wang Shengfeng, including the national policies, micro-grid characteristics and so on. He introduced his company’s achievements in micro-grid technology.

Pursuing preciseness, the team tried their best to understand the micro-grid more accurately, which aims to lay a solid foundation for the research in the future. 

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