The Present Situation of Straw Disposal in the City of Xiamen
Time:2016-07-18   Visits:129

In recent years, the straw has become the new source of pollution in the countryside. The field burning of straw has become not only a bottleneck of rural environment protection, but also a chief culprit of urban environment disasters. Aiming at these problems, a social practice team from College of Energy at Xiamen University conveys a research in Statistical Bureau of Xiamen and Zhuba in Tong’an District on July 15th and 16th. 

In order to gather more relative information and facilitate subsequent research, the team came to Statistical Bureau on the morning of July 15th, inquiring the views and opinions of current situation of straw treatment. During the interview, we came to know the major straw-producing areas, proportion, productivity effect of all kinds of crops in Xiamen. What’s more, we learn that the crop straw is mainly produced in Tong’an District and the crop planting in Xiamen focuses on vegetable and fruit in recent years.

On July 16th, the team set foot on the road to Tong’an. Under the guidance of several passers-by, we found many farmlands planting rice and observed the growth condition of rice. After reaching Zhuba, a small town located in Tong’an District, we interviewed an old grandmother in a grocery store who told us the growth condition and planting proportion of crops near Zhuba, telling us some stories about overseas Chinese and showing us around crops and lemon trees nearby. After the visit and observation around Tong’an, we find that farmlands in Xiamen are disperse with several kinds of crops planted, of which the majority are vegetables and fruits.

It’s a pity that we didn’t interview some rice farmers because we didn’t get deep into the village. However, we ran into large rice fields and enthusiastic passers-by that greatly helped with our survey. All in all, the social practice is a great harvest!

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