The Social Practice Team Named ”FSF” Went into Enterprises and Made an On-the-spot Investigation
Time:2016-07-14   Visits:104

On a sunny afternoon of July12th, “FSF” practice team, which was led by the team leader, arrived at Xiamen Wanheyuann Co, Ltd, which is located on the industrial park on the north of the Xiang’an horse lane. On the way to the Wanheyuan, the team members discussed the interview questions and the situation of the company that they would interview soon after.

The company is a technology-oriented company which aims to provide irradiation process technology. Getting into the gate on which there is a word in blue “Wanheyuan Development”, there was a sheet of green lawn sod, behind which stands a business building of five floors and beside it is a giant shop. The interview to the principle of this company was held in the multimedia meeting room.

We knew about the specific application of this company on the irradiation technology through the instruction of the chairman, including the principles of the technology, the security of operation and the flow of the irradiation process to the products and so on. The chairman also talked about the development prospective of Fujian Province irradiation industry. The company has branches in Zhangzhou and Quanzhou and occupied a considerable ratio in irradiation process of export abroad products. As the Wanheyuan in Xiamen, it has been in full load revolve state, which shows that irradiation technology is accepted by increasingly more companies and the chairman has an optimistic attitude to the irradiation industry which is gradually accepted by the society.

Meanwhile team members brought up some questions related to irradiation industry, according to the information they had known, for example, whether the process costs of different products on irradiation process technology are different or not, team members knew from the chairman’s answer that the price of the irradiation products depends on the density of the products and the intensity of the irradiation, while the intensity of irradiation is related to the types of the products. These specific codes of practice and communication on technology problems make us eye-opened, and we understood the irradiation much deeper. However, because of the updating of the irradiation machine, we felt sorry that we didn’t enter the workshop to observe the operation in close range, but through the documents and several groups of pictures taken at that time and the instruction of the chairman, we can understand the development situation of irradiation industry.

Finally, “FSF’’ practice team took pictures with the chairman. The on-the-spot investigation not only increased the team’s understanding on the irradiation industry, but also made them more confident to publicize this kind of safe technology. As the name of the practice team “FSF” (for safe food), we will try to do our part for the food safety and to make more people know about the irradiation foods.  


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