A Visit to Xiamen Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd
Time:2016-07-18   Visits:104

At 8 am on July 15th, members of BIOMAN set out from Xiang’an Campus under the guidance of Captain Tang Youning and got to the destination: Xiamen Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd  at thirty past ten after a bumpy ride. The company, located in Huli District focuses mainly on various types of feed. The team interviewed the marketing supervisor and production supervisor of the company and received great support.

Our practice team member Kang Hongxia asked a question about the products of the company, learning that the company mainly produces feed for pigs, cattle and chicken, whose feed formulation takes the leading position in the country and has a number of formula patents. 

Then we consulted about the specific production formula and learned that the main raw materials for the production is soybean meal and corn with nutrients and trace elements that many animals need to grow. What’s more, the production formula is updated continuously by unceasing experiment trials in headquarters that will be adjusted timely on account of national policy, market demands and company development.

The marketing supervisor of the company told us that the company has paid close attention to the national policies in recent years because the company was a stated-owned corporation before the 1980s, then it was invested and renovated by private persons, so economic and political policies play crucial roles in the company’s operation and development. Afterwards, the production supervisor showed us around the manufacturing shops and introduced the safety equipment, processing equipment and environmental protection equipment. We learned that the whole production process was not as complicated as we imagined. What’ s more, the effects that the dust produced during the productive process will be controlled effectively.

Then, under the guidance of the marketing supervisor and production supervisor, we visited the manufacturing shops and storerooms of the company and had a deeper understanding of the application of biomass on feed production and reclamation. The company has a reasonable distribution on supply and demand, which has a practical significance on the circulation of biomass in the production system.

After this practice, we all benefit a lot. Not only do we learn more about the application of biomass to the actual production, but also it provides a reference for us to bring laboratory products to industrial production. We will continue to work hard and move on in order to apply theories to practice better!


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