Boiman Practice Team's Investigation on Xiamen Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd
Time:2016-07-18   Visits:127

On July 15th, 2016, Bioman Practice Team went to Xiamen Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd to do an investigation. They not only did a thorough survey on the use of biomass energy, but also paid a visit to it.

Feed production is a traditional industry whose detailed process can be known from our visit. With the marketing executive and production supervisor's help, we had a better command of the company's technological process.

Firstly, the production supervisor led us to the storage warehouse. A scene of corn-packaging came into view. 

After visiting the warehouse, we reached feeding place, finding that there was a high-power dirt catcher. Dust-exclusion is a crucial step before smashing and mixing materials, which can effectively reduce the harm of dust. The materials would be thrown into a pulverizer after being transferred by scrapper and elevator. 

To ensure safety, there were another two high-power dirt catchers in order to protect workshops. Then the shredded materials would get into mixing machines. During the mixing process, besides adding primary materials, amino acid and additives were also needed. At the same time, two fire protection devices were placed to guarantee security. Finally, we needed some sterilization measures. Mixing products would pass through weighing machines which adopted a special sensor, making it accurate to weigh heavy things. Next, fodders would be packed into finished products after sterilizing. We did reserve some fodder samples, on which we were ready to do some in-depth research, hoping for a satisfying result. 

Thanks to this trip, we have had a better command of biomass, which lays a solid foundation for our further study. We all benefit a lot from this precious practice experience. 

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