GF Practice Team Got into Xiamen Municipal Construction Group
Time:2016-07-18   Visits:98

On July 16th,2016, under the guidance of Mr. Meng Chao, GF Practice Team got into Xiamen Municipal Construction Group,located in Huli District. Moreover, we visited its comprehensive battery charging management system and charging poles.

At 10 a.m., students from College of Energy at Xiamen University arrived at the member center. The manager of the charging point met us enthusiastically and had an in-depth discussion with us. 

Through the manager's introduction, we learned that the charging pole project had been begun from the latter half of this year, which is expected to finish two hundred charging poles within this year. 

Furthermore, we learned that the main service object of charging poles is still taxis at the moment. As a result, there will be rest area for drivers to have a break. 

During the visit, we thought actively and put forward questions. The manager solved our puzzles one by one, from which we benefit a lot. At present, most of the charging poles in Xiamen have rapid performance, making it shorter in the charging time than the traditional one. Additionally, the system also simplifies the management and use of the charging poles. Besides, our country supports electric cars a lot with favorable policies and the limits of electric cars are removed gradually. Thus it can be seen that electric cars have great potential in the future.  

Having visited the Municipal Construction Group, we also went to see the charging poles. Meanwhile, Mr. Meng introduced the nice prospect and a variety of problems of the charging poles, from which we got that the market was short of a uniform producing standard which prevents electric cars from spreading and popularizing. 

From this meaningful trip, not only do we members learn about the development situation and promising prospect of the charging polet in Xiamen, but also realize the problems that still exist.

It can be said that this trip provided us with a clear direction in the study program. 

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