Day 1 in Zhangzhou – Xiaohechuxia social practice team
Time:2016-07-24   Visits:113

In On the morning of July 24, Xiamen University College of Energy the social practice team named XiaoHheCchuXxiao from College of Energy at Xiamen University started their journey to discovery. Through social investigation, the team XiaoHe aimed to learn about people's attitudes towards the nuclear power plant and how much they knew about it. During Nnext week, they will pay would visits to Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Ningde and other cities for their further research.

The first stopdestination:Yunxiao , Zhangzhou. On arriving at the hotel, memberswere  divided into two groups to improve work efficiency.

The first group went to the nearby community and interviewed local citizens with questionnaires. FortunatelyTo their surprise, in the course of the survey, Ggroup 1 came across the staff from of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd, who warmly received greeted XiaoHe them and offered precious proposals to their work. The sSecond group wentcame to downtown Yunxiao, and they called at local markets and their research work won public support.

Having been running about for a whole day, these .tTwo groups gathered together at dinner time.They collected data, shared what they learned and experienced during the exhausting ed day. After a A heartydelicious meal and ,a good rest, all the members were are looking forward to tomorrow’s activities. Fighting!XiaoHeChuXiaXiaohechuxia!

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