The first Energy Salon - Nuclear Power
Time:2016-01-03   Visits:240

College of Energy held the first energy salon and achieved great success. We invited the professional teacher of different directions, and the students had opportunities to communicate with our teachers.

On December 1st 2015, the first salon held in A221, we invited Dr Zhang Yaoli to answers nuclear energy problems to students. Dr Zhang explained the structure of nuclear power industry development and the nuclear industry. Nuclear industry structure launched a heated discussion, Dr Zhang explained the flow of talent in the nuclear industry with a pleasant tone to the students. Dr Zhang also discussed the problems encountered in his class with students.

On December 15th 2015, we invited Professor Ran and students to communicate. Professor Ran introduced his own experiences of university, research and study abroad. Professor Ran also shares the research direction and progress of his research group with each student.

On December 21st 2015, we invited Professor Yaojun and students to talk. In a relaxed atmosphere, Professor Yao provide a lot of advices of undergraduate life with students. Energy salon series successfully came to a close with Professor Yao Jun's voice.

Energy Salon pays more attention to communication between the students and the teachers, broadens the horizons of students, so that students have more profound and comprehensive understanding about nuclear energy.

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